I am happy to see that student debt and the burden it puts on family finances and local economies has been picked up as a presidential race issue. Presidential hopefuls need to think outside the box on how to solve this issue.

Here’s one idea that will help some families and the economy as well: Pass a bill that allows me to take a penalty-free portion of my retirement fund to pay off my child’s college debt.

She then becomes debt-free and can start saving for her retirement, establish credit, buy a house, etc. I can use the money I have spent making her college loan payments to pump money into the local economy to get much-needed repairs done on my house, etc.

I am not looking for a handout. I am more than willing to pay state and federal taxes on the disbursement by pumping money into government tax coffers to fund their educational agendas.

If you are a parent in the same boat – you have a healthy retirement fund and want to use a small portion to help your children pay off their college debt – please rally and contact your congressional delegation to voice your support for this.

Folks, even if you don’t have a child with student debt, it still affects everybody: parents, children, small businesses and local charities. Thank you.

Dave Wislowski