Wow. I just started this letter two days before the Maine Sunday Telegram on June 7 featured the news that the USPS was making a bid to keep permanent the emergency 49-cent rate increase in place since January 2014 (“Court stamps out USPS bid to keep rate increase”).

A first-class mailing to me from a firm in Portland on June 1 arrived at my home in Cape Elizabeth on June 5. A second mailing from the same firm June 2 arrived June 6.

This is not first-class mail delivery. It’s more like third-class mail delivery: Four days for a first-class letter to travel less than 10 miles!

It seems that the USPS is now concentrating on bulk mail delivery of packages, as confirmed to me by one of their carriers.

Are people aware of this (yet) when they pay their local bills a day or two before the due date on their invoice – to say nothing of the payment centers for some companies and utilities all over the eastern part of this country?

I propose a first-class rate of 40 cents, because that is all we deserve for the third-class service we are receiving now.

I wonder how many days it will take this letter to reach the Press Herald if I mail it from the South Portland branch office.

Paul Butler

Cape Elizabeth