Every last one of us should let Sens. Angus King and Susan Collins know how much we appreciate their vote against the fast tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Collins, in particular, stood tall against her own party, whose vote for its passage carried the day.

Those with enough understanding of socioeconomic history are well aware of what lies behind the fast tracking of far-from-open and accessible international negotiations.

Had the American people been allowed to see the codicils of the TPP in time for them to think about all that has been proposed, and to pass their thoughts on to those we have elected to represent us in such matters, it would be an altogether different matter. It is doubtful if the TPP would pass such an open inspection.

Those more knowledgeable in the history of the fast tracking of international trade agreements are painfully aware that their overall best service has been to a thumbful of those most successfully economically aggrandized from these trade agreements.

Those more equipped by education in socioeconomic history are all the more painfully aware that what ultimately lies behind the movement to install these trade accords on a global basis is the desire to establish international laissez-faire capitalism in ways that give no people and no government of the people, by the people and for the people any real chance of protecting “we the people” against seriously hurtful matters.

We need to express praise for Sens, King and Collins loudly enough for all the world to hear!

George Eaton

South Portland