I hate that this has to come to this but it is necessary. As you read this letter, the comfort stations, that the City of Sanford (provides) through the Parks and Recreation Department, are being removed. These are located in the parking areas near No. 1 Pond and also in the Gowen Park/Blouin Field area. For two years, the contractor and the Parks and Recreation Department have put up with behavior that I am sure would be not seen in any other location and I am appalled. Whoever would do the things to these buildings and services that have been done is only known by them because I am sure they would be ridiculed for doing it. I have no idea where people think it is appropriate to smear feces on the walls of the Port-O-Lets and bring in their house hold rubbish and stick into the storage areas. We have found underwear of both male and female, condoms, needles, burned spoons and all sorts of other paraphernalia much too numerous to mention.

These facilities are put out for people to use when they are away from home and the need arises. They are used by people who picnic with their children and by runners and walkers. At night, they are used by the most disgusting people who live in the area and not just for the purpose they are intended. Not even in the wild animal kingdom do you find this kind of abhorrent behavior.

So that is it. I am not going to let this kind of behavior continue to become a source of aggravation and expense for the city. I’m sorry to those who used them appropriately and I hope that you will understand our response to this behavior.

Marcel Blouin

Sanford Parks and Recreation director