Alino Gallo, artist of “We Are Staying,” presented her mural in SPACE Gallery. This mural, which takes up all three walls of the gallery space, shows a street in Syria. It’s a rundown area where people make do and call it home. She shows buildings that have started to turn into rubble and street lamps that look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, ready to crash down on the cracked sidewalk in a single wisp of wind. A breeze makes the colorful cloth that hangs in front of a building shift side to side like a tight ropewalker does when they start to lose their balance. Gallo also exhibits upside down cars lying in the street from previous car wrecks. The street is vacant beside the one or two people that stayed, referencing “We Are Staying.” Quotes on the wall in Arabic show the messages people wrote, for example, “Through here marched the death men of Assad,” and “We will build it again.” They did this because they don’t have any internet, so they would instead write on the walls covering them in graffiti, or call the closest landline to have them post their tweets on their twitter accounts. Alino Gallo made a beautiful mural that makes you stop and take in every little detail and makes you want to think why she put this specific thing here and there. The colors absorb you with neon shades and take you from the room into the mural. “We Are Staying” was presented at the Space Gallery from May 26 to July 11. You can go on her website to see more of her art, at

Gabby Thibodeau, 12, is from Yarmouth.

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