A 34-year-old man was killed early Saturday morning when he rolled his all-terrain vehicle while driving on Northern Avenue in Farmingdale, Maine State Police said.

Jason Clark, 34, of Farmingdale was driving down the middle of Northern Avenue reportedly on the way home from a party when he lost control of the three-wheeler and rolled it, likely killing him instantly, said state police Trooper Kyle Pelletier. Speed and alcohol appeared to be contributing factors in the crash, which occurred around 1 a.m. Saturday, Pelletier said.

Clark, who lived within a mile of the crash, was out on bail with conditions not to possess or consume alcohol, stemming from 2013 charges of possession of scheduled drugs, possession of oxycodone and operating while license suspended or revoked, Pelletier said. Clark’s license was suspended at the time of the crash.

The crash near 800 Northern Ave. was reported by a passerby who found Clark on her way home, Pelletier said.

Driving all-terrain vehicles on public roads is allowed in certain circumstances, but the way Clark appeared to be driving on the road was illegal, Pelletier said. All-terrain vehicles can be driven on public roads for up to 500 yards for the purpose of crossing, but drivers must stay on the extreme right of the public way and not interfere with traffic, according to state law.

Maine Warden Service assisted in the investigation, but state police are the primary investigators of the crash because it occurred on a public way, Pelletier said. He doesn’t expect any charges from the crash because there was only one vehicle.