It is shocking to me that our society here in the United States of America is going backward instead of forward.

We are not evolving into an enlightened society based on God, fairness, compassion, peace and true love. Instead, we are caving in to fear.

Are we afraid of the self-described Islamic State and crazy neighbors? Perhaps we are, but arming our society by putting guns in the hands of any person who wants one is extremely dangerous.

Many of us suffer from severe grief and severe stress. Many of us hide our pain through drugs or alcohol, but we all need to be careful.

Mistakes are made during moments of passion. Guns can turn that moment of passion into death and destruction. We see it in the news all the time. Are you gun owners proud that you can pull a trigger and end a life?

What we need to do is reach first to God for guidance. Next, we need to love our neighbors; many of them are in pain and need love and compassion, not shame, anger and perhaps death.

We need to help people resolve their issues so there is no need for guns. Where are our priests, our ministers, our rabbis, or social workers and our nurses?

People, violence is winning. Are we letting the Islamic State lead the way?

Susan Peabody Love