Netflix and the Navy are setting examples for America.

I know that last week, I read in the paper that the Navy is allowing for 12 months of paid maternal/paternal leave for people starting a family (“Another View: Navy takes the lead on paid maternity leave,” Aug. 3). And my wife pointed out that Netflix is offering the same thing.

All I can say is: Wow! Awesome! That’s great!

I remember writing to the paper last year regarding the need for this, where types of opportunities such as this would allow our “leading country” to take the money and focus off other, less-successful courses of action (“Letter to the editor: America needs to consider issue of paid parental leave,” July 13, 2014).

Countries like Norway, France and Sweden are known to offer benefits similar to this, understanding the importance of this phase of life, etc.

Someone in my field of social work/counseling recently said to me, “Good luck finding a business that will pay for that,” when I was checking on Family and Medical Leave Act benefits for someone and their family in one of these situations.

Greg R. Stacy, M.Ed.