Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre issued a statement through his attorney Monday saying he is sorry the Maine attorney general declined to charge a former city police officer with sexual abuse.

But Beaupre, who has led the department for more than 30 years, also criticized the alleged victim and his supporters for what he says are baseless charges of misconduct by himself and others.

The statement, released by attorney Tim Bryant, is the first public statement from the chief during the prolonged furor caused by the sex abuse allegations. It comes a day before the City Council is scheduled to discuss whether to respond to various allegations against Beaupre and the police department now that the criminal case is closed.

Beaupre has been the target of intense scrutiny since Matt Lauzon, a Boston resident, went public this year with allegations that he was sexually abused by former police officer Stephen Dodd while he was growing up in Biddeford more than a decade ago. Much of Lauzon’s criticism of the way his allegations have been handled has been directed at Beaupre, who Lauzon says should be put on administrative leave while the police department is investigated.

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills announced last week there was not enough evidence to support charges against Dodd.

“Chief Beaupre was sorry to hear last week that the attorney general announced her office has decided not to prosecute anyone in the Lauzon matter,” Bryant said in the statement. “At the same time, he has tremendous respect and admiration for the professionalism of Janet Mills and her team of investigators and senior prosecutors and the conclusion they have reached after their monthslong investigation.”

Beaupre has refused to discuss what he knew about sexual abuse allegations made against Dodd years ago and about the department’s response at the time. Those previous allegations led to an investigation in 2002. He was never charged but the investigation led Dodd to resign and surrender his law enforcement certificate in 2003.

The statement released by Beaupre’s lawyer on Monday did not provide any new information about his handling of the allegations against Dodd, but did express disappointment that Lauzon and his supporters “have once again decided to make Chief Beaupre the target of their frustrations.”

Last week, Lauzon released a 16-page statement from former Biddeford officer Bob Devou that criticized Beaupre and alleged the chief had a sexual relationship with a different officer years ago.

Bryant said the Devou statement is “riddled with unsupported and false accusations.”

“The content of Mr. Devou’s statement is so false and outrageous that it would be completely irresponsible for any member of the media or civil leader to rely on its content for any reason whatsoever or to aid in the copying and distribution of what can only be described as a defamatory personal attack by a person who appears (to feel) that Chief Beaupre somehow interfered with his promotion in the ranks of the Biddeford Police Department,” Bryant said.

Included with the statement from Bryant was a sworn affidavit from Beaupre’s ex-wife, who said allegations that Beaupre had an affair with another member of the police department are false.

The Devou statement will be considered by the City Council on Tuesday when it meets in a closed-door session with the city attorney. Mayor Alan Casavant said last week the council may discuss what, if any, action it should take in response to the statement.

Lauzon and his attorney, Walter McKee, say they intend to file a civil lawsuit against the city by the end of the year.

Lauzon has said he believes Beaupre was aware of the alleged abuse by Dodd but did not take appropriate action. Dodd was previously investigated by the Attorney General’s Office after similar allegations surfaced in 2002, but was never charged. Dodd was placed on leave during that investigation and retired in 2003 after its conclusion.

McKee said Monday that the statement from Beaupre’s attorney “is a pretty thin defense to the far-reaching allegations about Chief Beaupre’s actions and inactions.”

“And yet we have seen no affidavit from Chief Beaupre denying the many allegations against him despite having months to refute what has been said by many,” McKee said.

Beaupre referred all questions to Casavant because of the threat of a civil lawsuit against the city.