G.M. Pollack, the South Portland jeweler that went out of business in July after 60 years, has extended the deadline to pick up repaired jewelry to Oct. 2.

G.M. Pollack extended the deadline in response to customers who might need more time to claim their repair items, the bankruptcy trustee, Anthony J. Manhart of Preti Flaherty, told WCSH on Friday.

Second-notice letters had gone out to people warning that any jewelry not picked up by Sept. 10 could be considered abandoned and sold at auction – sparking a flurry of online posts from frantic customers.

Manhart, who is overseeing the bankruptcy, said earlier this week he was considering an extension to the deadline to give customers more time.

The only items in question are pieces that were at G.M. Pollack & Sons for repair, he said. At a later stage in the bankruptcy, after priority claims such as taxes and bankruptcy administration costs have been paid, Manhart will set up a claims process for customers who made deposits on jewelry that they never received.

About 300 letters went out to customers, but he noted that some of the items had been at G.M. Pollack & Sons for 10 or 15 years and were likely abandoned.