A woman who says her husband was improperly charged by Donald Trump’s campaign website said the couple haven’t gotten a refund despite the campaign’s assertion to the contrary.

Heather Nason of Saco says her husband was one of those affected by a glitch on the website and their debit card account was dinged for a series of unauthorized charges.

In an email Saturday night, Nason said her husband likes some of Trump’s views, but “I don’t do politics.”

She said her husband, whom she didn’t name, had gone on the site to buy a T-shirt, which cost $20 plus shipping, and entered his payment information, but then canceled the purchase to clear it with her. Their account was charged six times, for $29.32 each time, and then the site continued to attempt to bill the couple’s account – 13 times in all, she said – until the charges were rejected for insufficient funds.

Hope Hicks, a campaign spokeswoman, said in an email Saturday that others were also affected by “a technical issue with our third-party payment provider.” The problem, Hicks said, has been resolved and any credit or debit cards that had been improperly charged had been refunded.

But Nason said the couple haven’t received a refund from the third-party payment handler, a company called Red Curve Solutions.

A call to Red Curve Solutions, which is based in Massachusetts and Virginia, was not returned Saturday night. The company’s website said Red Curve Solutions handles the treasury, budget and compliance work for political campaigns, including Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012.

“We are currently communicating this update to any customers that may have been affected,” Hicks said the email, but Nason said they haven’t heard anything from the campaign.

Asked if the glitch would change her husband’s support for Trump, Nason said, “Most likely not.”