Re: “Lawmaker ‘booted’ in Portland wants to regulate parking companies statewide” (Sept. 12):

Sen. Eric Brakey’s submitted bill against Unified Parking is nothing but the abuse of elected powers!

These are private parking lots whose owners have a right to earn an income. Sen. Brakey had the choice of parking in a city-metered spot, for which he would have gotten a parking ticket for going over (not planning for his time!).

A private lot owner cannot issue tickets. Or he could have parked in one of Portland’s numerous parking garages, for which he simply would have been charged for his actual time or overage.

Instead, Sen. Brakey made the choice of parking in a private parking lot, where it was clearly marked that he would be booted for not planning his time properly.

Now, Sen. Brakey – because he got the boot and not because he received complaints from his constituency – has introduced legislation that would further regulate this industry.

Sen. Brakey should sue Unified Parking Partners if he can prove their signage is not clear. Sen. Brakey should not abuse his elected powers by introducing legislation for his selfish lack of planning of his time.

Thank God you’re not an official I can elect, Sen. Brakey! You chose to park in a private lot – get it? Next time, read the signs before you park.

Any state senator who votes for Sen. Brakey’s legislation is simply backing his lack of planning, failure to read the parking restrictions of a private lot and abuse of elected powers.

Stephen DiMuccio