I have three issues:

 Paul LePage, our nongoverning governor, needs to govern. Since we can’t get rid of him, at least get him to think of more than himself and the rich backing him.

That Katahdin Woods & Waters National Park is a joke. It’s just another way for Roxanne Quimby to impose her legacy on us.

Yes, there is nature up there, but what draw does it really have like other parks? Why doesn’t she just give to Baxter State Park?

I’m not against immigrants, but they need to be legal. If they are not legal, they are criminals. They have babies so they can become citizens.

I work with a man who became a citizen, and he was angry because illegal immigrants got more benefits than he did and he lost his job to one.

P.S. We need to take our country back from politicians who are getting rich off us. I love my country – I just don’t trust my government.

Gary King