Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” One wonders what term to apply to an individual who can shamelessly exploit childhood for his own venal ends.

At last Monday night’s Cape Elizabeth Town Council meeting, some of the comments about the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club seemed irresponsible.

What steward would deliberately place his charges in harm’s way if he truly felt that the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club were unsafe? That is akin to walking someone down the tracks and blaming the train for lack of safety.

Our neighbors need to be assured that Spurwink Rod & Gun Club members are not the people you need to vilify.

Safety is more than infrastructure – safety is a habit, and the members of the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club are the responsible practitioners who teach their children to handle firearms safely.

Mark Mayone

past president, Spurwink Rod & Gun Club

South Portland