ZAGREB, Croatia — Conciliation replaced confrontation among European nations which have clashed over their response to a wave of migration, but confusion faced many asylum-seekers streaming into Croatia on Saturday in hopes of chasing a new future in western Europe.

Thousands were stranded at the border in the Croatian village of Strosinci, where Croatian authorities said they had been dropped by Serb buses. Migrants trying to move on got lost in cornfields and were found by the Croatian police. More buses were deployed to take the travelers to the nearby transit camp at Opatovac, but families were separated.

Such problems persisted despite a cooperative mode emerging.

Hungary has announced that it has removed spools of razor wire from a section of the border with Slovenia, a barrier that had been seen as breaching European Union rules. The gesture followed the reopening of the main border point between Croatia and Serbia.

The concessions, coming two days after a European Union summit on the crisis, suggest that the 28-nation bloc had become alarmed at the lack of cooperation among members and the increasingly ugly tone of their exchanges. The squabbling had hampered efforts to help the people fleeing war and poverty from the Middle East, Africa and Asia.