The Sept. 19 article titled “Big money again ruling presidential campaign” clearly states that the wealthy elite and corporations will continue to control not only the resources of our nation but the decisions made by both our president and our lawmakers.

Jeb Bush has been the most successful super PAC fund receiver, and Hillary Clinton is not far behind. This is not what democracy looks like. That is government influence for sale.

One presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has worked to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in order to return our nation to cleaner elections.

Equally importantly, he lives by what he believes. He refuses super PAC donations, and over 75 percent of the contributions to his campaign are below the $200 mark.

Bernie Sanders walks the walk. He cares deeply about this country and wants to hear from more than the 1 percent who control 90 percent of the wealth.

That is who is sponsoring the super PACs.

Bernie Sanders wants to know what the other 99 percent are thinking and how he can help.

Valerie Razsa