In preparation for voting on Nov. 3, I have been researching Question 1. The proposed referendum appears to have good intentions. After all, who wants Big Money in politics? And who doesn’t want to require transparency and increase penalties for violations?

But beware, the devil is in the details. Not only does this proposal triple the amount of money a candidate may use to buy campaign materials and advertising, it does nothing to stop money from flowing into campaigns from the powerful and well-connected.

Who drafted this proposal? It appears to stem from a well-funded group with ties to Big Money from New York and Massachusetts. The Maine Legislature is not behind this effort.

While the reform would require “independent expenditures” to disclose the top three donors, good luck finding the names of donors. Many politically active groups are formed as 501c-4s and may legally protect their donor lists.

Every day, I see hardworking Mainers struggling to get by.

With disabled Mainers still waiting for services and our nursing homes still underfunded, tripling “welfare for politicians” is not the best use of our limited tax dollars.

I will be voting NO on Question 1, and I encourage the Maine Legislature to go back to the drawing board to ensure integrity in the program.

John Corey