A 15-year-old girl from Pennsylvania who was reported missing last week after leaving home with her boyfriend was found in Rangeley on Wednesday after a local couple alerted authorities.

Reaghan A. Chase, 15, of Grand Valley, Pennsylvania, was reported missing on Sept. 29. Pennsylvania State Police had a warrant out for the arrest of her boyfriend, Kyle Bedow, 18, also of Grand Valley. Bedow is being held in Franklin County Jail in Farmington on charges of interference with the custody of a child and concealment of the whereabouts of a child – both third-degree felonies.

They were found in Oquossoc, which is a village in Rangeley.

The discovery of the pair came after Charles Brad Strokes, an insurance agent, and his wife, discussed odd interactions they had both had with a young couple. The Strokeses own the Oquossoc General Store.

Sparked by curiosity, the Strokeses searched the Internet for the names the couple had provided. After they found a news article reporting that Pennsylvania authorities were searching for the couple, the Strokeses called Franklin County dispatchers.

“Over the past 24 hours both had seen them. Apparently, they came into his office inquiring about purchasing insurance. (He and his wife) were talking about the couple and (concluded) that their behavior raised question marks,” Nichols said.

Franklin County Sherriff’s Department dispatchers also got a tip that Bedow’s car was parked at a garage in town. After dispatchers made contact with the garage, they were told Bedow was driving a rental car, which was found traveling on Main Street in Rangeley by a Franklin County deputy, Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols said.

The deputy pulled over the car, arrested Bedow and took Chase into protective custody.

According to Nichols, the pair had apparently been living in the woods for nine days, camping in different places.