There have been too many recent headlines about yet another motorcyclist’s death. I believe that a fairly recent attempt was made by a Maine legislator proposing a law that would make helmets mandatory and it was voted down!

Sixteen states currently have a full law; some of the other states have a partial law; two have none.

If using seat belts and child safety seats, carrying no hand-held devices when driving, getting licenses, registrations and yearly inspections are laws, why isn’t a helmet law required? I’ve seen hundreds of motorcyclists without a helmet, often carrying a passenger without a helmet, too.

To this day, I have a close, very stubborn friend who will remain a vegetable for what remains of the rest of his “life,” and I put that in quotes because he doesn’t have a life.

He was tailgating a car in Cape Elizabeth without realizing the manhole covers had been raised because of road repairs. He hit a manhole cover with full force, throwing him into a deep ditch. He carried nothing that identified him, and it took three days for his family to locate him in the ICU at Maine Med.

Please contact your legislator and request a law that could to put an end to this horrific carnage.

C.B. Mills


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