Anyone who cares even remotely about Portland’s future as a vibrant, world-class small city should vote against local Question 2 in November.

The referendum question is ostensibly aimed at protecting cherished views for residents (who would disagree with such an admirable goal?), but in truth, it possesses a singular purpose: to block redevelopment of the Portland Co. complex on Fore Street.

The ordinance is poorly worded, selfish in intent, impractical in application and will ensure the broader public pays the expense, both literal and figurative, of protecting the views of a few presumably wealthy residents near the project site who are likely contributors to the very same wave of gentrification and interest in the neighborhood now prompting the plans they oppose.

Local Question 2 is nothing if not a misleading attempt to use a confused public to pursue private gain under the guise of protecting scenic views. Vote “no” with an underscore.

Patrick Venne