The Abbe Museum in downtown Bar Harbor is showing a new exhibit by native artist Arlene Christmas (Dozay).

The exhibit, “Kluskap of the Wabanaki,” will open Nov. 5 and run through Dec. 19. It features original paintings that illustrate various legends of the mythological hero and his adventures across the Wabanaki homeland, using landmarks that tell his story.

“I have discovered that most legends are simply told and not illustrated,” Dozay said in a press release. “I feel and have experienced that our Wabanaki tribes and cultural significance are known and considered significant among our own people, but lacking in mainstream Aboriginal teachings. …”

Kluskap’s stories have been told and retold over many generations. He was a positive force for all Wabanaki tribes. People from all the communities have written and illustrated many versions of the Kluskap legends.

Dozay has spent much of her life cultivating her passion for art. She grew up in western New Brunswick on the Tobique First Nation. She left the banks of the Tobique at the age of 18 to pursue a formal education at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Admission is free to Native Americans and Abbe members.

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