On Nov. 3, Democrats, Republicans, Greens and independents all voted in favor of a strong Clean Election system in Maine.

The outcome of the recent election will increase transparency and disclosure by requiring special interest groups to list their top three donors on all political ads so that voters know right away who is trying to influence their vote.

It will increase accountability by toughening penalties and fines for candidates and special interest groups that break our campaign finance laws so that politicians are accountable to the people – not wealthy special interests.

And it will encourage strict spending and contribution limits by strengthening Maine’s Clean Election system, so that candidates aren’t beholden to special interests and big money donors.

It’s exciting that Maine voters have passed Question 1, and now the Legislature should move quickly to do its part in finding corporate tax loopholes to close so that the law is implemented, good rules are written and Clean Elections is funded. With swift action by Maine’s elected leaders, we can move forward with this important initiative.

Charlotte Phillips



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