Pictured here is Shawnee Peak in Bridgton.

Pictured here is Shawnee Peak in Bridgton.

SSpecial to the Journal Tribune now season has gotten off to a slow start this year but hopes are high that by Christmas we will be having a nice feast of snow to go along with the Christmas cookies and the egg nog. The El Nino weather pattern is difficult to predict, but in certain parts of the Rockies, the temps are currently chilly and the snow fall is ample, 40-plus inches and counting.

If you are looking to make your first forays on a snowboard this season, Rochelle Albert is offering private lessons for a very modest $25 per hour. Her mountain of choice is Shawnee Peak but she is willing to travel to Sunday River to share her expertise. She’s available on weekends as soon as the snow permits. To set up a lesson with Rochelle, give her a call at 207-807-8021.

Lessons abound at Shawnee Peak. Their on-mountain ski school offers a comprehensive “Get Skiing, Get Boarding” program that includes an affordable package of lessons, ticket, and rentals for $80. The “Get Skiing Get Boarding” program is designed for those still new to skiing or first timers.

There is also a package program, (ticket, rental, lesson) for more advanced skiers and boarders, “Get Skiing, Get Boarding II” for $89. Both programs include a 2 hour lesson.

Private lessons are available from the Ski School staff at $75 first hour and $55 for additional hours.

Shawnee Peak is a mid-sized mountain in close range of all points of York County. Ski families revel in its friendly ways, its wide open trails, and its down-home atmosphere. All the mountain’s trails filter down to one central lodge – it’s a busy hub of buzzing activity day and night as night skiing is a big part of the program at Shawnee Peak.

The trails are lit six nights a week which makes it a very popular place for school and recreation groups. Many schools schedule trips to Shawnee on their half days and take advantage of the six-week program the mountain offers. .

Normal ticket price is an affordable $47 for adults and $40 for juniors and seniors during the midweek and $65 for adults & seniors and $50 for juniors on the weekends. On Monday nights, skiing is just $13 for all ages. Night skiing opens at 3:30 p.m. and continues until 9 p.m.

There are some noteworthy deals and specials available on each day of the week during the non holiday periods. Mondays are Car Load Days. If you arrive before 11 am, your entire carload skis for just $92. Tuesdays are $27. Thursday is Men’s Day $40 and Friday is the special day for women $40.

Statistically, the mountain’s 245 acres are traversed by 40 trails with 19 of the trails lit for night skiing. The bulk of the trails favor the novice and the intermediate skier but when the snow is deep and abundant, there are challenges for the expert to explore.

Although the mountain caters to youth, adults can enjoy the creature comforts of the spacious Blizzards Pub located on the entire second floor of the lodge. The Pub opens each day at 11:30 a.m. and its wide panoramic windows afford a full view of all activity on the mountain and is a welcome place for parents to relax. The menu features the famous “Steak Bomb” and the nachos are ample and a specialty of the house. The drink of choice is the Bloody Mary. However this year Shawnee Peak has been graced with its own special beer, brewed by the the Harpoon Brewing company. The name of this special Shawnee concoction: Moose Pond Hoppy Amber.

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The pride of Bridgton and an added plus to the Shawnee Peak experience is the Magic Lantern movie palace in the center of town. Here the glory days of the cinema experience are enhanced with state of the art sound and projection. Cushy comfortable seating with plenty of leg-room to relax tired ski legs is a welcomed relief after a hard day on the mountain. Surprisingly, each of the three new theaters that comprise the complex is outfitted with artfully designed intimate balconies that provide a unique bird’s eye perspective to the action on the screen with the added perk of bar service.

Before sitting down to your movie be sure to visit the Tannery Pub located in the theater lobby. This movie bistro is a wonderful place to enjoy a drink and dinner between skiing and an evening flick. An enormous television screen that fills the entire back wall of the pub was airing the Olympics on my recent visit. The Magic Lantern lives up to its name – it’s grand.

For complete information on the mountain, go to www.shawneepeak.com or call the 207-647-8444. Shawnee Peak is a 55-minute drive from Portland. It’s a straight shot west on route 302. Shawnee Peak will come into view on your left, a few miles past the center of Bridgton.

The Snow Business Column is written by Greg Morell, an avid skier, snowboarder and cross country enthusiast. Greg Morell can be reached at [email protected]

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