SKOWHEGAN — An 11-year-old boy and two women charged with burglary this week are accused of burglarizing an apartment in the same 14 Cedar St. building where they live.

Tia Corson, 20, and Bethany Thebarge, 19, were arrested Monday and charged with burglary, theft and cultivation of marijuana. An 11-year-old boy, whom police have not named and who lives downstairs from the women, was charged with burglary at the same time.

Police investigated a burglary at the apartment building Nov. 24 and information led them to the three suspects, the department said Monday in a news release.

In an email Friday, Detective Joshua King, of the Skowhegan police, said all three people were charged in the same burglary at an apartment at 14 Cedar St. The items recovered — cartoon books, video games and DVDs — were taken from a residence in the apartment building, King said.

In addition, Corson and Thebarge were growing fewer than five marijuana plants in their apartment and did not have medical marijuana certification, according to Skowhegan police.

Both women were released on bail.

Burglary is a standard charge to file in such a case, King said, and any charge committed by someone under 18 is a juvenile offense.

“A burglary of a dwelling, as in this case, is a very serious offense,” King wrote in an email Friday. “The case will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office and juvenile community corrections officer to address the matter.”