Portland police arrested a 64-year-old Portland man who allegedly planted a suspicious package Monday in the building housing the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office.

George Dimauro of 409 Cumberland Ave. was arrested at 6 p.m. Tuesday night and charged with terrorizing, a felony. He appears to have mental health issues based on statements he made in court papers.

Police evacuated 100 Middle St. Monday morning after someone spotted the package in the lobby of the building, which also houses the law offices of Bernstein Shur. Police cordoned off the street and evacuated the building before the department’s bomb squad determined the package was not dangerous.

Dimauro has no criminal record, authorities said. He did file a lawsuit against President Barack Obama in October 2014 that cited a number of biblical references. Dimauro claimed an Old Testament prophesy contained a reference to him, but the lawsuit contained no clear complaint and was dismissed.

Magistrate Judge John Rich III wrote at the time, “This is not relief that it is within the power of this secular court to grant. I have no doubt that the plaintiff is sincere in his statements and beliefs, but … Simply because the plaintiff believes that his allegations are real does not mean that the case ought not to be dismissed as frivolous or for failure to state a federal claim.”

Monday’s incident came at a time of heightened vigilance following the shootings last week in San Bernardino, California, which is being investigated as a terrorist attack. The two shooters killed 14 people and wounded 21 others before they were killed in a shootout with police.

Portland police reviewed security footage taken at the building to help identify the suspect.

Also last week, Boston police responded when a suspicious package was found outside a Coast Guard facility. A man had left a suitcase alongside a Department of Homeland Security vehicle, then walked quickly away, police said.

Police scanned the suitcase and determined it contained some wire and a battery, then detonated it. They determined it did not pose a threat.

Police arrested James Derepentigny, 50, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and charged him with planting a hoax device.

Police say the investigation into Monday’s incident is continuing and asked that anyone with information call 874-8533.

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