A new panacea has been born in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings. If you aren’t trusted to fly, you shouldn’t be trusted to buy a gun! It has a nice ring, fair meter and a skim of logic, as long as you don’t ask stupid questions.

Like: Who decides which people are put on the no-fly list? What, if any, standards are used to determine that a person is too dangerous to be allowed on an airplane, but not quite dangerous enough to arrest?

If a person is put on the list, how much do they have to pay in legal costs to sue the government to find out why? Is the list ever reviewed, or do various agencies just keep adding names until the airlines complain to their senators about the lack of customers?

In short: What is this instant solution to our woes, and if it’s so great, how did the Brothers Tsarnaev and the Farouk couple travel around from Chechnya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other places not within easy driving distance of either coast?

Charles Shaw