WASHINGTON — Congress on Friday is poised to clear the year-end tax and spending deal as lawmakers seek to wrap up remaining business with members itching to head home for the holidays.

Despite some grumbling in both parties over the contents of the deal – a $1.1 trillion spending bill and a $622 billion package of tax cuts – it is expected to clear both chambers. But the House vote on the appropriations package, which will occur Friday morning, could be close.

On Thursday the House passed the tax portion of the agreement 318-109. Maine’s representatives, Democrat Chellie Pingree and Republican Bruce Poliquin, voted with the majority.

If the spending bill passes the House, it will be rolled in with the tax measure that the Senate is expected to clear for the president’s signature later in the day.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan expressed confidence that the deal will make it into law.

“I feel pretty good about where we are,” he said. “Like I say, you always find out when the vote comes.”

House Republicans provided most of the needed votes, 241, to pass the tax package, which House Democratic leaders oppose because they say it is too expensive and does not do enough for low-income workers. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, opposed the tax agreement but said she will vote for the spending bill.

“I know it sounds good, but it’s a Trojan Horse and we should not be fooled,” she said. But 77 House Democrats still voted for the tax bill.

House Democratic votes will be needed to pass the spending bill on Friday because of Republican discontent with the size of the package and the lack of policy provisions on issues such as immigration and abortion.