Mainers want to see common-sense steps forward in the laws governing gun sales in our state.

On Jan. 19, the Secretary of State’s Office was presented with more than 85,000 signatures in support of a proposal designed to reduce gun violence in Maine by requiring background checks for all gun sales.

This effort represents a broad cross-section of Maine residents – gun owners, hunters, NRA members, moms like me who support the Second Amendment – who want to make our state safer by closing the loophole that allows dangerous people to buy guns with no background checks.

The reality is, many gun sales in Maine happen online, at gun shows or through classified ads without background checks. Join me and the 80 percent of Mainers who think this is simply unacceptable.

Together, we can make Maine the 19th state to close the gun-sales loophole and help protect our communities from senseless gun violence.

I strongly encourage others to support this critical initiative to require background checks for all gun sales in Maine.

Kristen R. Kucera

North Yarmouth

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