Isn’t it interesting that within hours of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, virtually all Republicans were saying that President Obama has no right to nominate a replacement (“It’s too close to the election”), and that if he did nominate someone, the Senate shouldn’t consider the nomination?

Even more interesting is that Scalia himself, in discussing a replacement for Justice David Souter in 2009, reportedly expressed hope that Obama would pick someone “smart,” even though Scalia didn’t expect a nominee with the same judicial philosophy as himself.

He then elaborated further, saying to David Axelrod, then a senior adviser to the president, “Let me put a finer point on it. I hope he sends us Elena Kagan.”

Really. Scalia, the man Republicans are now falling all over themselves to replace with a philosophical clone, wanted only someone judicially “smart,” regardless of their viewpoints.

Shame on Republicans for not honoring the man’s integrity.

Mark Love