On Sunday, March 6, if you’re a registered Democrat in Old Orchard Beach, you’ll have the rare opportunity to change the course of history – for the better!

Here’s why. Because on the above date, OOB Dems will be conducting its town caucus – one of many statewide caucuses held to determine how many delegates will be committed to represent them at the party’s state convention in Portland later in May. Caucuses take the place of state primaries, and although they employ a few more “steps,” they have the advantage of people-to-people contact and sharing opinions.

This year, if you’ve been paying any attention to the issues confronting our country, you might have some strong feelings of frustration mixed with anger. I know I do. I’m 86 and I’ve been involved in politics since 1948, when I worked for the candidacy of two people you probably never heard of: Henry Wallace and Glen Taylor, who were running on the Progressive Party ticket. It was the first of a long line of disappointments, which included two more Progressive Party candidates in 1952 – my first year of being eligible to vote – Vincen Hallinan (an Irish-American lawyer from California) and Charlotta Bass (an African-American woman). Remember those names for your next trivia contest. We lost to Ike that year. But there were others: McGovern, Nader, Cobb, to name a few.

But this year, I’m pumped because the Dems have a candidate with the ideas and courage to make real changes that could well become a lasting movement. Not just a flash-in-the-pan popularity contest. So yes, I’ll be there, “feeling the Bern.” There’s a real awakening happening, and a human catalyst is ready to expose and take down the phonies, the corrupters and greed-heads … but also presenting specific ways to help the young, the disillusioned, the disappearing middle class, the elderly (like me and my wife) to feel good about themselves in a fair and just future.

So be there – the Loranger Middle School – on Sunday, March 6. The caucus starts at noon. If this is your first time voting, registrars will be available to register you so you can vote that day. There will be signs and guides to help you become a real part of the democratic process.

Thanks for your support.

Fred Dolgon
Old Orchard Beach