Déjà vu all over again – another presidential election with major-party candidates skirting the critical issues.

Most critical is the challenge of carbon overload to an economy based on squandering irreplaceable resources, unsustainable consumption, reckless environmental degradation and politics oriented to abetting the greed of corporate powers, even at the expense of human survival.

Bernie Sanders alone can be trusted to address this challenge, though. His campaign focuses less on the existential environmental crisis than redressing income inequality within an unsustainable capitalist system. Like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton obliges Wall Street.

Republican candidates are all greed-serving and are, with Hillary Clinton, committed to bullying and violent foreign interventions, indifferent to the millions whose lives are violently disrupted; hundreds of thousands killed, maimed or left grieving, and wasted trillions for war while our children go hungry. Only Sanders appreciates that we are not ordained to run the world.

Clinton’s determinative complicity in the Honduras coup that replaced aborning democracy with corruption, drug violence and fleeing children; her vote for what hundreds of millions worldwide recognized as unwarranted aggression against Iraq; her unqualified commitment to Zionist racist repression in Palestine and her deference to genocidal Henry Kissinger disqualify her for any office.

And, as African Americans are recognizing, only Bernie Sanders can be trusted to address the economic and judicial racism and police state indifference to human rights that have written off needy blacks and ordained jailing millions of young black males.


The Republican base’s unhinged anger allows none of its delusional “make American great again” contenders any wiggle room on to give security to millions of undocumented Hispanic refugees of NAFTA, CAFTA and a global economy built on exploitation of labor. Fearing loss of white ascendancy, they would criminalize the victims.

In a politically mature society, Green candidate Jill Stein would be leading the polls.

Ursula L. Slavick


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