What has happened to our city, South Portland? It was once known as an All-America City and a business-friendly city.

My folks moved me and my siblings here in 1944. I was educated here, and so were my children and my grandchildren. It seemed to be a city where businesses and citizens lived happily side by side together.

I have lived in this city for over 72 years. I’ve paid my taxes since 1964 and have seen many changes. However, what I am seeing these days scares the heck out of me!

I see a divided city that is no longer business-friendly, no longer qualified for the title of “All-America City.” I doubt that I am the only resident of this city who thinks as I do.

Who is going to pick up the taxes that are going to be required by citizens and businesses in the future if the present course continues? Will the city cut back on spending? I don’t see this happening, certainly not with this City Council.

We have a mayor that has recently stated that he is not “afraid of fighting the railroad” after the city’s lawyers told him it would cost $500,000-plus to fight a federal law (on propane facilities).

Why not take them on? It isn’t his money, it’s the taxpayers’ money, and we are already in court with Portland Pipe Line Corp.

What is that going to cost the taxpayers? We are not a wealthy city. We are the city of South Portland. My home, your home!

It’s time that silent citizens stand up and be heard! This “politically correct” stuff is out of control, here and elsewhere.

Please, if you agree, speak out, get out and vote this coming November for your local, state and national government. Your voice and your vote count!

A very concerned citizen and veteran,

Guy Linscott

South Portland