If your state Legislature could pass a bill that would result in 800 good-paying, long-term jobs for Mainers, reduce ratepayers’ electric bills and reduce carbon emissions, would you be in favor? L.D. 1649, “An Act to Modernize Maine’s Solar Power Policy and Encourage Economic Development,” was crafted by the public advocate, utilities and the solar industry – three adversaries who came together to hammer out a compromise, bipartisan bill that is good for all Mainers.

So, why are Gov. LePage and his energy adviser, Patrick Woodcock, opposing L.D. 1649? They are opposing it because of the powerful influence of big outside money offered by the Koch brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council to conservative Republicans who are willing to support and push their anti-renewable energy agenda in favor of maintaining the status quo of overreliance on fossil fuels from away. Maine has a tremendous opportunity to create jobs, save ratepayers money and reduce carbon pollution, but some Republicans are illogically and irrationally rejecting L.D. 1649.

The Gulf of Maine is the fastest-warming body of water on the planet because of carbon emissions and Maine has the highest per capita carbon emissions in New England. Our pulp and paper industry is collapsing. L.D. 1649 addresses both of these issues by reducing pollution and creating new economy jobs.

Please contact your local representatives and senators and let them know it is imperative we pass L.D. 1649. Maine’s solar industry, and the long-term sustainability of our great state, hang in the balance.

Phil Coupe

co-founder, ReVision Energy

Cape Elizabeth