I have a solar job. Being from Maine, I grew up with a strong appreciation for the environment, so much so that I chose to pursue a career that could one day protect it.

At my job, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a lot of students and young people, and my advice to them has always been: “Follow your passion.” My passion was to work in the environmental field, and I have been fortunate to be able to do that in Maine.

I have been able to see a company rise from a handful of employees to now well over a hundred and growing. We work hard, and now we’re fighting hard because our livelihood is at risk, and future solar jobs are at risk.

What is a solar job? It’s a lot of things: It’s engineers, lawyers, sales technicians, office administrators, graphic designers, web developers, electricians, laborers, college interns and warehouse staff. We even have a shop dog, though technically he’s not on the payroll.

I support L.D. 1649, the solar bill now before the Legislature, because it supports growth in Maine, it supports jobs and it supports the environment. I urge you to support this bill as well and to ask your legislator to not let politics get in the way of policy.

Jennifer Hatch


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