I write in response to the May 6 letter from Sadhbh Neilan regarding the conversion of one of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s stations into what she calls “talk radio.”

Have you ever listened to real talk radio? Right-wing extremists pontificate their views and their listeners call in to support these views. There are never-ending commercials and very few, if any, reasoned discussions being carried out.

I think MPBN staff have done a superb job of communicating to listeners about the new station – MPBN Classical – and how to tune in to it.

It is true that listening in the car will be difficult while MPBN seeks out other FM signals to purchase, but they have been clear that this is their intention.

Speaking personally, I am so happy after listening to the best five hours of radio anywhere on a Saturday morning, I will no longer have to race to the radio to turn it off at 1 p.m. so I’m not forced to listen to the opera, which, frankly, I can’t bear.

There’s no doubt that our radio(s) in this house will continued to be tuned to regular MPBN most of the time. But I note with pleasure the return of some old favorites on MPBN Classical that have been gone for too long.

Buy an HD radio – they are evidently not hideously expensive (mid $30s). Call MPBN – their very good staff will walk you through how to tune in to MPBN Classical.

Given the nature of the world in which we live, I welcome the new format to keep me better educated and informed. But I also salute MPBN for not making this change without ensuring that listeners who prefer classical music can continue to listen to it.

We’ve supported MPBN for 30-plus years – long may they continue to broadcast, even if on two different networks.

Deborah Coward

South Portland