Metro is very happy to have Paul Darling and his son using public transit. We are here to help everyone use and make the most of what Metro has to offer. In reference to Mr. Darling’s May 5 letter to the editor, “Why do addicts get free Metro bus pass but autistic boy must pay?,” a few points of clarification may be helpful.

The individuals to whom Mr. Darling refers as receiving free bus passes are Maine Department of Health and Human Services MaineCare-eligible clients. The DHHS and its contract broker, Logisticare, determine which MaineCare clients receive transit benefits and to what extent.

Metro sells tickets and passes directly to the DHHS, but only the DHHS has the authority to determine who is eligible to receive them. Information about MaineCare eligibility requirements is available at or by calling 287-3707.

Metro sells single-ride tickets, 10-ride tickets and monthly passes to the general public at both full value and reduced rates (a 50 percent discount) if the passenger is also a senior citizen (65 years of age and above) or a person with an Americans with Disabilities Act-eligible disability. Autism is a qualifying disability.

Mr. Darling’s son would more than likely qualify for Metro’s reduced-fare single- and 10-ride tickets, which are both discounted by 50 percent from the full fare value. Metro does not, at this time, offer a reduced-fare monthly pass. On behalf of his son, Mr. Darling would need to complete a Metro reduced-fare application and have a licensed medical professional document the ADA-qualifying disability.

We welcome Mr. Darling to contact Metro at 774-0351 to talk with our staff about completing an application for a reduced-fare ID card. More information and the application materials are available at

Greg Jordan

general manager, Greater Portland Transit District/Metro


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