Road construction projects around Portland have been the cause of many delays, and perhaps almost as many conversations. However, lest people feel at a loss for words, the delays to motorists may be mitigated by the simple phrase: “Use alternate route.” (For the record, following a detour sign is not using an alternate route.)

For example, inbound traffic from outer Congress Street need not funnel into Congress Square but may instead take Interstate 295-South, Park Avenue, Cumberland Avenue, Danforth Street, Spring Street and Commercial Street.

Likewise, those perplexed by work on State Street can utilize exits 5 and 7 and local streets; Broadway in South Portland; Veterans Memorial Bridge and the I-295 bridge.

These routes give motorists plenty of options other than the simple toggle of Exit 6 and the Casco Bay Bridge. Two-way traffic on State and High streets would also alleviate traffic during construction delays. Just sayin.’

Zack Barowitz