Portland police have released surveillance video of a man who went on a rampage and destroyed furniture at a Commercial Street restaurant early Sunday after being told it was too late to order a hamburger.

Police hope the video, posted Thursday on the department’s Facebook page, will lead to identification of the man who went onto the outdoor patio of Elevation Burger, at 205 Commercial St., and tossed furniture over a retaining wall and onto the nearby sidewalk while his companions – three women and a man – stood by and watched.

The other man lit a cigarette and held the door between the restaurant and the patio open for his friend.

“Detectives are looking to identify the male who was displeased about not getting an after hours hamburger at Elevation Burger on Sunday,” the Facebook post reads. “He caused substantial damage to their property and detectives are looking for your assistance in identifying him or his associates.”

Chris Marshall, an assistant manager at Elevation Burger, said the man and his companions entered the restaurant right around closing time, which is 2 a.m. The man asked to use the bathroom, and employees let him. But when he tried to order food, the staff told him that he couldn’t be served because the restaurant was closed.

“He started going off on the staff,” Marshall said. The man broke an umbrella on the patio valued at $500. No one was injured.

Police encourage anyone with information about the suspect to call 874-8595.


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