As a state senator, I know Maine faces important challenges and pressing issues. Some issues, such as regulations, have been exacerbated by the federal government in recent years. We need our representatives in Washington to be responsive and action-oriented. That’s why I’m supporting Ande Smith as a candidate for Congress in our First District in the June 14 GOP primary.

I know Ande very well – and I know that he is a proven leader with impressive credentials. He has the skills, the experiences and the expertise to be a powerful voice for our interests in Congress. He’s served almost 30 years in the Navy, helped better our schools on the State Board of Education and Maine Charter School Commission, and he’s created jobs as a cyber security small-business owner.

Ande knows these are difficult times that require strong leadership and proactive solutions. He has a bold plan to end the do-nothing culture of Washington and ensure our country gets back on track. Please join me in supporting Ande Smith in the GOP Primary on June 14.

State Sen. Amy Volk


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