WATERVILLE — A city man was taken to the hospital Monday afternoon after allegedly being assaulted with a wrench in the Concourse, police said.

The man was walking with his girlfriend when a group of men assaulted him with the wrench, said Shannon Mullen, 27, also of Waterville.

“He was just walking with his girl when he got assaulted with a ratchet,” Mullen said.

The assault was reported around 4 p.m. Police were looking for two suspects believed to have been involved, said Officer Matthew Libby of the Waterville Police Department. He said the man received a head injury but was not sure how serious it was.

There will likely be charges in the case, Libby said.

Several witnesses said they also saw the group of men with a skateboard as well as the wrench chasing the man.


“I don’t know what happened. I just seen ’em going at it,” said Neal Bryson, who was sitting in the parking lot outside Goodwill Industries when the assault took place. He said he saw a group of men with the wrench and skateboard chasing after the man.

Patrick Beasley, the manager of the Dollar Tree, said the man came into the store bleeding and asked him to call 911.

“He was bleeding and said they hit him in the head with a wrench,” Beasley said.

Joseph Libby-Cornett, who said he saw the assault happen, said he wasn’t sure whether the injured man knew the men or if they may have had an argument.

“It was probably over something stupid,” he said.


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