SOUTH PORTLAND — The School Board agreed Monday night to have a special committee recommend an implementation plan for possible changes in school start times in the 2017-18 school year.

The board voted 7-0 to have Chairman Richard Matthews appoint a committee to review information gathered by the superintendent’s Start Time Study Group and report back with an action plan by December, said Superintendent Ken Kunin.

In conducting recent surveys, the study group found that 63 percent of parents of middle- and high-school students, and 52 percent of school staff members agree that the school department should adopt later start times at South Portland High School and the middle schools.

The study group identified various benefits, challenges and considerations related to changing start times, including effects on student transportation and athletics. The group didn’t recommend specific start times.

Kunin is expected to develop several start-time options with estimated impacts, which will be reviewed by the special committee and forwarded with a recommendation to the full board.