Marcy’s Diner, a popular downtown Portland breakfast spot, reopened Wednesday after a two-week hiatus prompted by the illness of owner Darla Neugebauer.

Neugebauer said she had no choice but to close after she was diagnosed with conjunctivitis because she didn’t want to risk the health of her customers and employees. During the closure, notes taped to the door promised customers she’d be back soon.

Faithful customers responded with notes of their own tucked into the door wishing her a speedy recovery.

The diner made headlines last year after a spat between Neugebauer and the mother of a fussy toddler. Last July, Neugebauer used her Facebook page to describe an encounter with a child who had been crying for 40 minutes while her parents talked. The incident sparked a torrent of social media criticism aimed at both Neugebauer and the parents of the child.

Neugebauer is known for her humorous daily updates on the diner’s Facebook page. On Wednesday, she announced the diner had reopened and she was serving red flannel hash, Cap’n Crunch French toast and sloppy joes.