Many letters to the editor have political overtones. I am simply writing about getting back to one of many basics: the proper use of the English language.

It is appalling to hear people of all intellectual levels, from those with limited education to politicians (including our past and present presidents), speaking poorly. Why do schools put up with such poor use of the English language? And what about society?

Listen to how people speak. The word “going” is now spoken as “gonna”; “yes” has become “yah”; “to” is “ta”; and the old “John and I” is still, often, being said “me and John.” And how about incessant repeats of “you know” and so forth?

Both the written word and the spoken word need attention by educators, students, speakers and society.

Parents should start this improvement process by gently reminding their children that the above poor English usage can easily be changed by saying words the correct way. This is definitely a Department of Education challenge.

Helen Sargent