The question that refuses to fade away, amidst global hatred is: Will mankind ever get along? The Golden Rule is a basic and all-encompassing suggestion that we treat others as we would like to be treated.

For me, that principle supersedes all the organized religions and complex philosophies put forth by imperfect human beings.

Recently, violence among humans has shared the headlines with our amazing technological and scientific feat of putting a space vehicle in orbit around Jupiter. Secondary headlines covered our continuing destruction of the environment and our fascination with technological advances aimed at making our lives better.

The juxtaposition of those headlines, which created both great sadness and some elation, left me wondering if perhaps there is some connection between them.

After all, if we continue to destroy each other and the Earth’s environment, moving onto another planet or into a space station may be the only option. Of course, only a chosen few could leave to create a “new world.” The rest of us would be left behind to die with our planet Earth.

Why not say, “Let’s take a break from more innovation and scientific advancement and focus all those brilliant minds and billions of dollars on getting along and living by the Golden Rule”? Of course, suspending greed and the lust for power would be necessary at the very beginning of the effort.

“Impossible,” you say. Perhaps. However, if we do not give “getting along” a chance, there will be no future.

Tom Conger