There are at least four candidates running for president this year: the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton; the Republican nominee, Donald Trump; the Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, and the Green Party nominee, Jill Stein.

As you can see from this field, there won’t be a lack of choice. Instead, we will have to confront the realities of an election system that funnels voters into making a decision between the lesser of two evils.

In Maine, voters are already having the conversation about how to change this in order to fulfill the highest aspirations of a representative democracy.

In November, Question 5 on the statewide ballot will ask voters to replace the current “winner-take-all” system with a more equitable system of ranked choice voting for federal and state primary and general elections.

Simply put, ranked-choice voting would remove the fear factor from the voting process. Whether you identify as a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian or a Green, this system would allow you to support your favorite candidates without the fear of throwing your vote away and helping to elect the candidate you disagree with the most.

I urge all Mainers to rally behind this movement. Please vote “yes” on Question 5 in November.

Bobby Mills


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