I am astonished at letter writer Thomas F. Shields, M.D., when he asks of Khizr Khan (Aug. 4): “Does he realize that most of the terrorists were Muslims?”

Does Dr. Shields realize that the right-wing fear-mongering machine has co-opted the term “terrorist” to specifically mean “radical Islamic terrorist”? So in today’s world, 100 percent of Muslim terrorists are Muslim. That’s wonderful circular reasoning – and frightening, coming from an M.D.

Tim McVeigh, Dylann Roof, Elliot Rodger, Aaron Alexis, James Holmes, Adam Lanza and many, many more are all terrorists, and none of these people are or were Muslim.

I think that to castigate the Khans, parents of a decorated U.S. soldier, in that way is just shameful.

Benson Dana

Cape Elizabeth