A Waterboro man who police say backed his pickup truck over a convenience store’s fuel pump and fled early Thursday morning has been charged with aggravated criminal mischief and leaving the scene of an accident.

York County Sheriff William King Jr. said James King, 26, of Waterboro was issued a felony summons and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court on Oct. 7.

Police say King’s truck leveled the pump at the Lakeside Market around 12:14 a.m. Thursday, but did not ignite a fire or cause an explosion.

King said the owners of the market, Leo and Sandi Binette, helped police solve the case by posting a surveillance video of the crash on the store’s Facebook page.

“Not only did this vehicle destroy the pump, it knowingly left the property, did not report it, and could have caused much greater damage to our property and the community,” the Binettes wrote on Facebook.

The couple offered up a detailed description of the truck, a black Dodge Ram 1500. The surveillance video showed that the pickup truck had broken passenger-side taillights.They said the driver was a white man in his 20s and was wearing a baseball cap. The Binettes said it would take “much time to replace and reinstall” the gas pump.

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