Much was made at the recent Democratic convention of Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman presidential nominee from a major party, including her glass-breaking promo.

Let’s be serious here. She has been posturing herself as the candidate since her husband walked out of the Oval Office in 2001.

She first surveyed the political landscape to see what Senate seat was coming available and miraculously moved to New York just as that Senate seat become open. After an unremarkable tenure keeping that seat warm, she decided to ascend to the presidential throne but was passed over by an even more novice senator.

To keep her in the fold and to avoid a political fight four years later, Mrs. Clinton was tossed a bone and appointed secretary of state, where, I would argue, we are less safe as a result.

At the convention, she was called the most qualified candidate ever. I say she has done nothing other than to pad her resume with few or no accomplishments. Her being chosen as the presidential nominee has been a foregone conclusion since 2009. So let’s tone down the hoopla.

There are many more people more qualified than Mrs. Clinton: women and men, black and white. Sadly, none chose to run for president this year. I applaud her tenacity but not her accomplishments. It is a facade with no substance. By the way, I am no fan of Donald Trump, either.

Steven Edmondson