Re: “Muslim boy’s family sues over arrest for homemade clock” (Aug. 8):

Please, let us revisit the incident at the suburban Dallas high school when the Muslim boy brought the homemade clock. I say: Kudos to him and praise for his intelligence and skill.

Now look at the terrorism of 9/11, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Paris and Belgium and the terrorism still going on.

A ticket agent at the Portland Jetport said after the horrendous World Trade Center deaths that he thought he noticed something about the perpetrators as they were guided through the inspection lines, but he chose to not speak up.

The mother of Sandy Hook’s mass child killer knew he had access to guns and ammunition, but did not tell someone.

One of the Paris attackers was reportedly a familiar patron to a local bartender, who was careful not to profile him.

The San Bernardino attackers had a home full of weapons – what did the husband’s mother, who lived with them, know? Were there no clues, suspicions, even hunches that were passed by for fear of the “mistaken” call?

The authorities have asked us over and over to be vigilant and call if we notice any small, out-of-character incident in some way.

Which brings us to the nice Muslim boy who wanted to show his talent and skill. He was met with a teacher who, out of care and, now, trained vigilance, halted the incident on the spot to do what all the authorities have been asking us to do. Were they not protecting the Muslim boy’s rights, too?

We have to believe that if little Billy Smith came to school carrying an odd-looking box, with a turtle in it, the same vigilance would have taken place.

Sidney Richardson