The world’s greatest female gymnast, Simone Biles, will lead Team USA during the closing ceremonies as the flag bearer after being chosen by her American teammates, the U.S. Olympic Committee said Saturday.

Biles, 19, entrenched herself as one of the best ever in the sport and potentially the greatest American gymnast of all time after winning four gold medals and one bronze at the Rio Olympics.

Winning four gold medals at a single Olympic Games had only been accomplished by three other women. She was the first American.

Biles won gold in team competition, individual all-around, vault and floor exercise, and bronze in the balance beam. Her soaring performances left viewers spellbound and teammates gushing over her.

THE U.S. PROTEST in the men’s 400-meter relay was rejected and Canada will keep the bronze medal.

The Americans were disqualified in the final, won by Jamaica, for an illegal baton exchange in the first passing zone.

JUST AS HIS taekwondo match was about to get under way, top-seeded Dimitry Shokin of Uzbekistan gave his Chinese competitor, Sen Qiao, a small Uzbekistani figurine. Qiao bowed in thanks and quickly handed the gift to his coach.

Then, in a dominating first-round fight, Shokin landed several solid kicks on Qiao, including a powerful back kick. Shokin won, 15-8.

RIO DE JANEIRO’S water remains filthy as the Olympics wrap up, even after a final push to clean it up. Fans endured the stench from a lagoon contaminated with raw sewage that abuts the Olympic Park.

Rio organizers promised in their 2009 bid document that the Olympics would drive a cleanup of Rio’s waters, pledging to treat 80 percent of the waste. Estimates vary, but most suggest the area is still treating less than 50 percent of its sewage.

A RUSSIAN ATHLETE was stripped of the silver medal in the women’s shot put from the 2012 London Olympics after testing positive in a reanalysis of her doping samples.

The International Olympic Committee said Evgenia Kolodko was retroactively disqualified after tests on her stored samples came back positive.

THE AUSTRALIAN Olympic Committee said 10 athletes were detained at the Serbia-Australia men’s basketball semifinal Friday out of concern their credentials had been tampered with so they could get in.

The athletes weren’t at fault and the AOC said it’s investigating who was responsible.

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